Thursday, January 03, 2008

National Misfits Day

About a year and a half ago, 6/6/06 to be exact, metalheads celebrated an International Day of Slayer. Well, Tom Araya is an admitted Christian (most Bible shredders are secretly Bible thumpers—not that there's anything wrong with that), so the coincidence really seems moot. So why not celebrate a band that kind of practiced what they preached—or at least to the extent any sci-fi/horror loving punk could? Today is 1/3/08, so why not wear a devilock or a skull shirt for the Misfits? "We Are 138" remains the second-best tribute song to a George Lucas movie, even if it is THX-1138. Plus, Glenn Danzig's early work was way more influential on metal as a whole than his post-'Fits career anyway, and I'd much rather listen to Walk Among Us than Show No Mercy as far as debut albums go, if you made me chose by putting a gun to my head (please don't). Also, there are a ton of goofy stories about what "We Are 138" means. In the end, though, I just tend to believe Danzig when he said, "It's about violence." Then again, maybe this whole post is my attempt to justify still using 138 in my AIM name for the last third of my life. Regardless, it's time to be an android, not a man.

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Harvey Wallbanger said...

Is this why my piss felt like razorblades this morning?