Monday, September 25, 2006


If you are curious about why my blog is titled "Sadness Is Delicious," read my TV On The Radio cover story... or just read this quote:

This cues a story about Malone's daughter.

"Three years ago, Isabelle was pissed off about something, and we had a fight or a disagreement," says Malone. "She wanted something she couldn't have, and a lot of time passed and she was still just, like, pouting and walking around like a little baby girl... 'You're just gonna stay sad, little girl? The day's almost over, and you're still sad?'... She said, 'But sadness is delicious.'"

"She said, 'Sadness is delicious'?" asks Adebimpe, laughing. "She's really smart. Yeah, it is kind of delicious. I guess I can think of it that way."

"I've wallowed," says Malone. "I'll wallow again."

"That's true," says Adebimpe. "You can definitely wallow and wallow... There are a lot of people that are generally melancholic... And that doesn't mean they're gonna off themselves if it goes the wrong way."

"It doesn't mean that the cheerful people aren't going to, either," says Malone.

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