Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Top Metal Albums of 2007

In terms of quality metal, 2007 has been a pretty diverse. There were the psych metallers, the black metallers (and unfortunately a few meddlers), the avant-garde experimenters, stoner rockers and even a small thrash revival. Strangely there weren't any really good hardcore/metal crossover acts (I will not admit to liking metalcore) like Converge, but the records that were good were great.

Jesu got top honors on this list mostly because of the strength of the title cut. Justin Broadrick's beautiful, non-metal croon seems as though it was coming from another plane. After that, there are some differences in ranking on this list from my general music list, mostly because I think about metal differently than I think about general metal—although if you're mincing where Obliteration falls versus Mayhem, then you're a metalhead after my own cockled heart.

  1. Jesu, Conqueror
  2. Mayhem, Ordo Ad Chao
  3. Obliteration, Perpetual Decay
  4. Neurosis, Given to the Rising
  5. Watain, Sworn to the Dark
  6. Byla/Jarboe, Viscera
  7. Wolves in the Throne Room, Two Hunters
  8. Dekapitator, Storm Before the Calm
  9. Big Business, Here Come the Waterworks
  10. Deathspell Omega, Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
  11. Obituary, Xecutioner's Return
  12. Nadja, Radiance of Shadows
  13. Baroness, Red Album
  14. High on Fire, Death Is This Communion
  15. Bergraven, Dödsvisioner
  16. Gallhammer, Ill Innocence
  17. Dälek, Absence
  18. Hacavitz, Katun
  19. Clockcleaner, Babylon Rules
  20. Rotting Christ, Theogonia

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