Thursday, November 16, 2006

The other day, I had the opportunity to interview Jay-Z for CMJ New Music Report for all of 10 minutes. Besides being one of the world's best-known rappers, he's also CEO and president of Def Jam, so dude knows how to crank out an interview as fast as possible; in those 10 minutes I got 1,500 words, way more than I needed for my 900 word story. Now you know I wouldn't let that opportunity go by without asking him about the Big L, the man that made it all possible for him in the first place other than Jaz-O. Jay-Z's contribution to "Da Graveyard," off Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, was unparalleled at the time. Here's what Jay-Z had to say:

What's your best Big L story?
Oh, that night, of course. That night in the station [WKCR], with Stretch and Bobbito, when we were freestyling back and forth. He was like a little tiger, you should see his face while he was rapping. You could tell he wanted it really bad.

To hear their freestyle, click this.

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The Big Sleep said...

Thanks for this. New little tidbits related to Big L are always appreciated by me. It's really cool that you asked him, glad you did, I would've. Jay needs to talk about L more anyway.